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Silva Compass 54B-6400 + 6400/360 Military (Beta Illumination)

Probably the most resourceful compass in the world for artillery; target acquisition and command posts. The Expedition 54 is a unique compass featuring both an optical precision sighting system and a SILVA 1-2-3 SYSTEM compass in the same unit, giving unbeatable precision and versatility in the field. Bearings can be taken with accuracy to within half a degree. 6400 mils on the graduation ring and 6400 mils and 360 degrees on the sighting scale. With beta light i.e. will give continuous light up to 7,5 years. Minimum order quantity is 100 units

  • Type of compass - Silva 1-2-3 System combined with a Lensatic precision sighting compass
  • Compass capsule / needle
  • Sighting System - Prismatic precision
  • Magnifying lens - Yes
  • Declination adjustment -No
    Clinometer - No
  • Illumination / active time after activation in light - Yes 7.5 years
  • Luminous compound
  • Silicon friction feet - Yes
  • Other - Patented red/black N/S lines in capsule
Available graduations 6400/360
Resolution degrees / mils Outer ring: 2 / 50 Precision sighting scale: 1 / 20
Measuring scales on base plate 1:25k, 1:50k, 1:40k, mm, inch
UTM position plotting scales (Romer scales) 1:25k, 1:50k, 1:40k
Settling time from 90 degree angle within +/- 3 deg 4 sec
Settling time from 90 degree angle to complete rest 6 sec
Accuracy +/- 0,5 degree (8,9 mils)
Waterproof IP68 - (10 m)
Altitude use 5000m@-15 C
Impact resistance 30g in XYZ directions and free fall from 1,5 m height into gravel
Temperature operating range -40 to +60 C
Material Acrylic
Size (mm) 126x60x16
Weight g 39




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