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KIMO HM 50 Pin Digital Moisture Meter

For measuring the moisture content of:-

  • Hardwood
  • Softwood
  • Plaster
  • Bricks and concrete


Resolution 0.1%, Accuracy +/- 1,0 %, Hold, Min/Max, Selection of material. Supplied with interchangeable pins made of stainless steel, length 10mmn, one set of spare pins, protective cover, soft case and calibration certificate.
With auto self-test - checks to see if instrument is reading correctly.

Number Material Detail Measuring Range Accuracy
1 Softwood Spruce, Larch, Spruce From 10 to 50% ± 1%
    Larch, Cherry, Walnut    
2 Hardwood Oak, Pine, Maple From 9 to 50% ± 1%
    Ash, Douglas Fir    
3 Concrete & Plaster   From 0 to 15% ± 1%
4 Bricks   From 0 to 15% ± 1%

Technical features:- Display 4 lines LCD screen 50 x 34.9mm. Housing is shockproof made of ABS, IP54 protection. Keypad - Metal coated wit 5 keys. Power supply - 1 alkaline battery 9V. Operating temperature - 0 to 50 deg C. Languages - French and English




All of our products are shipped by courier.  The charge is €10 per order.

For orders to UK Mainland there is a flat rate of €25 per order as well as orders to France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.

Orders to Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland and Switzerland are charged at €35 per order.

Orders to Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Liectenstein, Finland, Norway and Serbia are charged at €45 per order.

We ship worldwide; but please contact us for a shipping quotation if your country is not in our list of countries.