WÖHLER VIS 350 PLUS SERVICE CAMERA (EN) 30m Detachable Camera Head & Photo & Video Recording

€3,579.30 €2,910.00

The Wohler VIS 350 Visual Inspection Camera is a sewer camera which helps in the analysis of wastewater pipes, ventilation and exhaust systems as well as industrial plants. 


  • Detachable Camera Head.
  • Photo and Video recording.
  • 4 hour operating time.
  • Areas that are difficult to access can be reached with the camera and examined in detail.
  • Used to find small residues, blockages that are difficult to locate.
  • Lime and dirt deposits in narrow pipes, sewers or water pipes can be easily detected.
  • Waste water lines of Ø 70 mm and larger
  • House connections up to Ø 200 mm
  • Flue gas systems of Ø 60 mm and larger
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Extra Information:
  • A simple wireless locator detection is available to buy in the form of the new Wöhler L 200 Locator.
  • Digital meter counter
  • Pan and tilt color camera head Ø 40 mm V2
  • Wöhler TFT monitor 7" with 2 m cable
  • SD memory card 4 GB SD for recording of pictures and videos
  • Mini USB cable
  • 30 m push rod 6.5 mm
  • 5 replacement plastic domes
  • 1 anti-slide-mat
  • 2 NiMH batteries and charger
  • Plastic case

Please read the table below for differenes between the VIS 300 & 350 Camera