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CRACK MONITOR - CORNER, Inexpensive, simple yet accurate device for monitoring crack movement in corners.

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SC-200 CRACK MONITOR/ Tell Tale - For Corners

The SC-200 is an inexpensive simple device for monitoring crack movement
Consists of two acrylic plates which move independently
The bottom plate is calibrated in milli-metres and the top plate is transparent and marked with a hairline cursor cross.
Can be fixed to a surface with our MF-114 Adhesive or screws (screws not supplied)
The MF-114 Adhesive is available as an accessorie on this website
Can be used indoor or outdoor for monitoring cracks
Waterproof design

Supplied with record sheet.
Max Movement: Longitudinal 20mm, Transverse 10mm
Grid Size: 40x20mm
Plate size: 102x32x3mm
Resolution: 0.5mm